Christopher Dorner’s manifesto


tl;dr supposed police paladin in the LAPD gets fired, his life ruined by the LAPD for reporting police brutality and other LAPD corruption including people being involved in the rodney king thing now in positions of seniority. Declares asymmetrical warfare on the LAPD, suspected in 3 police slayings and now Los Angeles citizens are being told to avoid the police - by the police.

Basically he’s gone INNAWOODS MODE, is aware of all LAPD strategies and is trying to kill all the crooked police in Los Angeles in and off duty. He is unafraid of death and expects it.

“I am a walking exigent circumstance with no OFF or reset button.”

holy shit


holy fuck……

based dorner is still goin!!

this guy is basically killing people around where i live. And its nuts. They just found his truck in big bear (a mountain community) set on fire. He has all of southern california police shitting themselves. Its pretty insane.


This guy is killing corrupt cops. Im not one to hop on the ACAB thing because its lame but the people in positions of power who abuse, rape, and kill innocent people deserve death…as do those that choose to protect and lie for the corrupt.

This guy seriously just has the courage to do what everyone says they want to do. There’s so much bad in the world, I’m not mad at someone trying to take some of it out.

Punisher Fanboys must me pissing themselves with joy.

Posted on February 8, 2013 • 3:01 PM
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